Wildflower Balloon Wall – DIY Kit – 2 Ft x 3 Ft & Up – Includes Frame, Wall Hooks, Etc.


Our Wildflower Balloon Wall Kit will help make your party the talk of the town! 100% do it yourself. We provide EVERYTHING that you will need to create a beautiful backdrop for your celebration (pump NOT included in 2 Ft x 3 Ft option). No need to run to different stores to assemble your balloon wall! Flowers and greenery are NOT included.

The listing photo is a 2 Ft x 3 Ft kit and is perfect for decorating something like the wall behind a dessert table.

How It Works:

1: We provide plastic panels that snap together and are 1 foot by 1 foot in dimension. If you are trying to decorate an area that is 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall, multiply those two numbers (4 x 3 = 12) and that is how many panels you will need. Please refer to picture 3 for a visual.

2. You will receive balloons in white, goldenrod, aqua, two shades of pink, and two shades of purple, in 5 inch and 11 inch varieties. More balloons will be included for each additional panel.

3. Also included with your kit:

– Balloon stickers
– Command (3M) Wall Hooks
– Zip Ties
– A link to detailed step by step instructions on our website
– If you are ordering 8 panels or more, we will provide 1 Qualatex dual action hand pump ($10 value and the best on the market)

4. Please include your event date so we can help ensure you receive the wall before your event.

Sample Note To Seller:

Event Date – September 20, 2019

The wall takes approximately 120-240 minutes to put together and does not require any previous balloon handling or crafting experience. Detailed instructions are included to help guide you.

Balloons arrive deflated and are filled with the balloon air pump that is provided with purchase of 8 panels or more. For best results, inflate within 48 hours of your event, but closer is better.

**We unfortunately do not ship this item outside of the continental US due to shipping prices. If you would like a custom shipping quote, please feel free to message us. As of 5/30/19, shipping this item to Hawaii and Alaska is $101.23**

We will use FedEx ground shipping, with arrival time in 1 – 5 business days. Please refer to picture 4 for an estimated shipping timeline. Delays can occur due to holidays, inclement weather, worker strikes, or other unforeseen circumstances with FedEx. We recommend ordering at a minimum, two weeks before your event just to be safe. FedEx has an on-time delivery rate of over 99%.

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Additional information

Wall Size

6 Panels – 2 Ft x 3 Ft, 8 Panels – 2 Ft x 4 Ft, 9 Panels – 3 Ft x 3 Ft, 10 Panels – 2 Ft x 5 Ft, 12 Panels – 3 Ft x 4 Ft, 15 Panels – 3 Ft x 5 Ft, 16 Panels – 4 Ft x 4 Ft, 20 Panels – 4 Ft x 5 Ft, 24 Panels – 4 Ft x 6 Ft, 25 Panels – 5 Ft x 5 Ft, 28 Panels – 4 Ft x 7 Ft, 30 Panels – 5 Ft x 6 Ft, 32 Panels – 4 Ft x 8 Ft, 35 Panels – 5 Ft x 7 Ft, 36 Panels – 6 Ft x 6 Ft